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V. Gullas corner P Burgos Streets

Cebu City, Cebu 6000 Philippines


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P.O. Box 997, Cebu City 6000


Office: +63 (32) 253 2491 | +63 (32) 253 5939





Senior Pastor               Intercessory Pastor


Pastor Joe and his wife Ma'am Doreen have been missionaries to the Philippines since the late 1970's and has since grown the Maranatha family from a simple Bible study group in their living room into a congregation of more than a thousand people.


Both Pastor Joe and Ma'am Doreen (as they are affectionately known to Maranatha members) hails from the town of Buffalo in the state of New York in the United States, and have been living in Cebu City, Philippines for the past 30 years.


Pastor Joe serves as vision holder, head pastor, and apostle of Maranatha Christian Fellowship and its other affiliated ministries.


Ma'am Doreen heads the Prayer and Intercession Ministry of Maranatha.

Pastoral Staff


Deliverance and Inner Healing Pastor


Pastor Nene has been with Maranatha Christian Fellowship for almost three decades now. She previously served as administrator to the church and in recent years in the Deliverance and Inner Healing Ministry. Fondly called "Tita Nene" by many, she also leads "Here We Are, Send Us," a cell group for women.


Worship and Creative Arts Pastor


With a background in secular media and arts, Pastor Sal has been using her training, experience, and God-given musical gifts to minister to the MCF family as worship pastor over the years. She has been instrumental in equipping, raising up, and releasing others to serve in different fields of arts and ministry, and has been leading single women in her cell group, "PR 31."


Evangelism Pastor


A woman with a big heart for lost souls, Pastor Trudi is Maranatha's resident ministry head for evangelism. She has been pivotal in the teaching and training of church memebers to go out and bring more people into the Kingdom of God. She continues to make disciples in her cell group, "K-Champs," and also through the ministry of the Evangelism Team, among others.


Worship Musician / Discipleship / Third Service Pastor


Pastor Caloy is a heavy-hitter when it comes to playing the drums and sharing the Word. As the head of the Discipleship Ministry, he oversees the Apostolic Discipleship Training Track, Maranatha's tool for equipping and training followers of Jesus. He is overseer of the 5PM Bilingual Service and also in charge of video and audio documentation.


Worship Musician / Youth Leader /

Marriage Counseling Pastor


As one of the worship leaders in Maranatha, Pastor Jesse brings his hunger and desperation for God in our worship services, as well as during his ministry times with young people. He serves engaged young couples, as well, in the area of pre-marital counseling. He is also currently handling the growing "Endtime Army" cell group.


Worship Musician / Hospital Visitation Pastor


Pastor Rico is passionate about bringing God's healing power into people's lives - whether through his involvement as keyboardist in the worship team or through his weekly hospital visitation ministry. He is also handling the "Born Identity" cell group. His heart's desire is to make signs, wonders, and miracles an everyday part of Christian life.


Cell Groups / Young Adults Pastor


Getting to know people is one of the things Pastor Mike enjoys doing, which is why he is in ministries that involve a lot of people. As head of the Cell Groups Ministry, he makes regular visits to the small groups, and as the head of the Young Adults Ministry, he supervises the S.H.I.F.T. Young Professionals' Fellowship. He is also big brother to his cell group of young men called "The Kingdom Builders."


Youth Pastor


Pastor Jinky has been a member of the Maranatha family since the days of her youth. After growing up, finishing school, and starting married life abroad, she has come full circle by returning to Cebu and serving as MCF's Youth Pastor. She and her husband, Bart, are valuable additions to the ever-growing church family.


Home Visitation / Cebuano Service Pastor


Pastor Reggie is the undershepherd of Maranatha's 2PM Cebuano service and coordinator of home visitations to the community surrounding the church. He is also currently leader of the "Hephzibah" cell group, the second service core group, as well as several Bible study groups. Pastor Reggie is also MCF's resident stand-up comedian.

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